For kayaking, no, the majority of our clients have never been kayaking before. We use sit-on-top kayaks which allow almost anyone of any age or ability an opportunity to participate. Sit-on-top kayaks are stable, lightweight, and easy to paddle. The most important feature however is the fact that you are not situated inside the kayak like you would be in a traditional sea kayak which requires more advanced training to use.

The kayak tour of First Landing State Park is generally easier than the Kayak Dolphin Tour as conditions such as swell, wind and tides have a much greater effect in the open ocean. Thus, the ocean tour requires more paddling strength and endurance on most days.

Stand Up Paddleboarding can be just as easy as kayaking under the right conditions. Our Flatwater tours in First Landing State Park and Linkhorn Bay do not require experience, however we do recommend some experience before tackling one of our ocean Paddleboarding options.

No, but we almost always see them. Over the past twenty years the percentage of tours where dolphins have been sighted has averaged over 90%. The reason for this lies in the fact that the dolphins seem to congregate near Cape Henry at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay to feed and use as a nursing ground for new born calves. In addition the mating season peaks during the summer months of July and August creating the perfect opportunity to view them in large numbers at the time of year when they are the most playful.
Chesapean Outdoors’ staff watches the weather carefully online every day as well as making observations in the field to determine when a tour should be cancelled due to inclement weather. Generally if it is a light rain and there is no evidence of thunder or lightning, the tour will typically depart as scheduled. We reserve the right, however, to cancel the tour if there is evidence that more severe weather could be moving into the area. If the tour is cancelled due to poor weather then customers can reschedule their tour. If they are not able to reschedule their tour (i.e.-because they are leaving town ) then Chesapean Outdoors will refund those customers.
In addition to dolphins, we consistently see brown pelicans, ospreys, and many varieties of gulls, terns, and sandpipers. On occasion, we observe sea turtles and cow nose rays. Depending on what time of year you do the tour at First Landing, you are likely to see a variety of bird species as well as some reptiles and mammals.
Plan to spend two hours on the water. We recommend bringing a bottle of water and sunscreen during your tour. You may also want to bring a towel and change of clothes to leave in your vehicle in case you get wet. If you are prone to sea sickness, you should take your sea sickness medicine before the tour or bring it with you. Guides will have a dry bag for personal items such as: phones, keys, and wallets. If you are bringing a camera, we highly recommend it be of the waterproof variety.

For Group/Corporate Outing and Camp specific questions, please call or email.